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Wi-Fi Beaches

By Lynn Lopez

For a lot of people, beaches generally mean fun, relaxation, and partying. So why should anyone care if wi-fi Internet is available on the sand?

Face it, many people canít bear to be separated from their laptops, whether itís because they work outside the office or they just simply love surfing the Net. Seeing people out and about with their laptops in restaurants, cafes, and parks are no longer unusual, so why not be able to surf the Net while soaking up the rays? Thereís still definitely something relaxing about being linked to the world while youíre hanging out by the seashore.

Beaches nowadays are very considerate of their visitors who need to be online all the time, which is why the availability of wi-fi service is growing. Hereís a quick list of beaches with wifi.

Hermosa Beach, California

The cityís wi-fi service has only been running for three years, yet it has already been recognized as one of the top beaches offering this service. Donít think its charms rests solely on that distinction. Hermosa Beach is also well-known for surfing and is even called the ďbeach volleyball capital of the world.Ē

Brighton Beach, UK

As one of the UKís bustling seaside spots, you canít expect Brighton to miss out on providing wi-fi for its many visitors. Expect to have a constant wi-fi signal all throughout the beach, available in between the piers.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Free wifi is available in this beach courtesy of businesses that support this service. Unfortunately, their website currently states that people are limited to 30 minutes of free access.

Haulover Beach, Florida

Not only will you get wi-fi access here, youíll also be in for an interesting time, what with Haulover Beach being a nude beach. And yes, you will see some of the visitors typing away on their laptops.

La Pleasure Beach Resort - Labadi Beach, Ghana

Wifi Ghana identifies this resort as one of the countryís top wi-fi spots. Apart from playing host to plenty of beach events, La Pleasure is also a great place to relax, so expect to be able to enjoy the sight once you look up from your laptop.

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