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Tahiti Beaches

By Anna Lynn Sibal

The island of Tahiti, fondly dubbed as The Island of Love, is the largest of the 115 islands of the southern Pacific Ocean that make up the French Polynesia. It is also the most populated, with approximately 170,000 people living on the island. Its capital city, Papeete, is also considered to be the economic capital of the French Polynesia.

Tahiti is made up of two parts: Tahiti-Nui or Big Tahiti on the northwest and Tahiti-Iti or Little Tahiti on the southeast. These two parts are in some ways a contrast of each other. Tahiti-Nui, roughly considered to be the mainland, is more densely populated, especially in the areas around Papeete. On the other hand, the peninsula of Tahiti-Iti is quite isolated, with some areas of the peninsula accessible only by hiking or by riding a boat.

While Tahiti is called The Island of Love, its beaches are not as popular among tourists as those in Bora Bora, another island in the French Polynesia. Nonetheless, the beaches of Tahiti offer their own surprises. For one, it is a study in contrast, with pure white sand gracing the shores of the southwestern side of the island while black basalt sand lines the shores of the northeastern side. The landscapes, the sunsets and the sunrises are also breathtaking.

What can you do on a holiday on the beaches of Tahiti?
One popular activity in Tahiti is an island-hopping trip of the French Polynesia using a sailboat, a powerboat or a motorized canoe. The island hopping can include safari, a nature hike, some horseback riding, or even shopping when you land in one of the islands.

If you are going on a Tahitian holiday with a partner and the romantic bug bites you, you can ask a Tahitian priest to give you an unforgettable Tahitian wedding ceremony. You and your partner get to dress in traditional Tahitian attire and go through the rites of getting married. This is only pure whimsy, though, because this ceremony is not legally binding. So, if the two of you really intended to be married, you will have to redo the ceremony when you get home.

Jewelry lovers may take their Tahitian holiday as a chance to buy the world-famous Tahitian cultured pearls straight from the pearl farm. Among the things that Tahiti is renowned for is its black Tahitian pearls, prized for their unique color and quality.

Because Tahiti is a tropical island, people who love to swim, to go diving and to go snorkeling will certainly have a great time in exploring the marine life that thrives underneath the crystal clear waters of the Tahiti. Tahiti is one of the more favored diving spots in the whole of the southern Pacific Ocean.

But if you want the thrill of being in the water a step or two ahead, you can go shark feeding in Tahiti. You can watch experienced divers to actually feed sharks by completely by hand.

A holiday to the beaches of Tahiti is a holiday worth having.

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