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Surfing In England

By Lynn Lopez

When you think of England, the last thing that will probably come to your mind is that of a surfer’s paradise. But believe it or not, England can offer you a one-of-a-kind surfing experience. The sport is also growing in popularity and there are more surfers than ever throughout the country. The popular surf regions are Channel Islands, East England, Cornwall, North East England, and Southwest England, particularly Devon, each of them offering its own great locations to hit the waves.

Surfing is said to best done from autumn to spring due to the size of the waves, which can reach up to 15 feet, so wearing a wetsuit is advisable. Ironically, during summer when beaches are packed with people and the weather is more cooperative, the waves are much less impressive, rising only up to one to four feet.

If you’re keen to try your hand at surfing or to explore a surf spot you might never have tried before, here’s a list of some places you can try no matter what your level of surfing expertise is.

  • Fistral Beach in Cornwall is considered as one of England’s top surfing spots and has even played host to several international surfing competitions.
  • Polzeath Beach, also in Cornwall, is a place that is welcoming to beginners and is considered family-friendly.
  • North Yorkshire’s coastline offers great waves that can really help break in the beginner surfer.

But if you still need to get your feet wet first, then take a look at surf schools all over England. Surf GSD in Newquay, Cornwall for example offers surfing packages for various needs, including corporate team-buildings, a small class, or one-on-one lessons with a coach.

England may have only caught the surfing craze in recent years, but it’s definitely getting more attention and is making a lot of effort to pull in both local surfers ones from all over the world who want a slice of the action.

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