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Shipwreck Beach

By Lynn Lopez

The name sounds dangerous, haunting, and a little bit romantic, doesn’t it? Paying a visit to a place called Shipwreck Beach will definitely spark interest in tourists and those looking for a beach getaway.

There are actually two places named Shipwreck Beach in Hawaii. One is on the island of Kauai and was the site of an old wooden shipwreck that has long since disappeared. The most recognizable feature of this Shipwreck Beach is a lithified sand dune known as Makawehi Point, and the beach also offers stunning sights of cliffs. If you’re planning to do some partying or want your modern amenities, you can forget about finding that here.
Shipwreck Beach on Kauai is meant for those who really want to enjoy what beaches are for: the water. Swimming isn’t recommended here due to the strong currents, and you would be unwise to try, especially because of the absence of lifeguards. But surfers and bodyboarders will have the time of their lives here. The beach also presents opportunities for great hiking experiences.

The second Shipwreck Beach is in Lana’i, which is popularly known as the most exclusive island in Hawaii. If you’ve watched The Amazing Race All-Stars, you might recognize this as having been the location for one of the last challenges in the show, which involved kayaking. One can see a shipwreck some distance from the shoreline, which is one of this beach’s main attractions, along with petroglyphs, a hiking trail, and lighthouse ruins. Much like the other Shipwreck Beach, this also isn’t an advisable place for swimming due to the powerful waves, nor is it exactly the ideal spot to frolic in the sand and do some partying.

Both Shipwreck Beaches offer plenty of stunning sights and are definitely worth a visit. More Hawaii Beaches

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