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This notice outlines the privacy policies of www.1lovecards.com. Questions regarding this statement should be directed by e-mail to lovecards@thefreespot.com
1LoveCards.com can also be contacted at 977 Peach Blossom Cres, Windsor, ON, N9G2S2, Canada.

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1LoveCards.com, like other Internet advertisers, collects certain information which can not personally identify you. This latter category of information is generally referred to as non-personally-identifiable information includes information like the server or internet service provider you use, type of browser used. There are some cases where you, the Internet user, may voluntarily provide personal information in response to a particular ad (a survey or purchase order form). The advertiser uses this information to reply to your request.

Furthermore, 1LoveCards uses send forms powered by Tafmaster and Supertaf Please review the privacy policy of these companies.
There are some greeting cards that are delivered through the 1LoveCards.com server. All information you provide on our forms is kept strictly confidential and NEVER sold to third parties.

All 1lovecards services and features are provided to users at no charge. We rely upon revenues from advertising and marketing in order to deliver content and newsletters to the numerous users and subscribers. 1lovecards makes an effort to provide users and subscribers with ads and offers that they may find of interest and of some value.

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If you would like more information about this privacy policy, please send email to: lovecards@thefreespot.com


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