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Nudist Beach Myths

By Anna Lynn Sibal

People have all kinds of ideas when it comes to going for a holiday at a nudist beach. Some believe that only perverts go to nudist beaches to ogle at naked bodies or go naked themselves. Some do not even want to go to nudist beaches because they believe that going nude in the presence of others is immoral, or because they believe that their bodies are too unsightly to be seen naked.

There are so many myths about the idea of spending a holiday at a nudist beach, but are these myths true? Here are some common misconceptions about vacationing at a nudist beach.

1. One nudist beach is just like the others. Not all nudist beaches are the same. Some cater to families, some cater to the elderly, some cater to honeymooning couples, and some cater to gays and lesbians. Each nudist resort has its own distinctive appeal and character that makes it different from other nudist resorts.

2. Beach volleyball is the only thing you can do at a nudist resort. You can go play beach volleyball at any beach resort you go, whether or not it is a nudist resort. If you do not want to play, no one will force you to, and there are certainly other activities you can engage in during your vacation, such as horseback riding, swimming, and indoor activities like playing cards or bingo.

3. You can freely indulge in sexual orgies at nudist beaches. The reason why naturists become naturists is that they want to feel comfortable with their own bodies, not because they want to have sex all the time. Becoming comfortable with one’s own nakedness is a good way to build self-confidence. While there are some nudist resorts where one can find couples engaging in foreplay, sexual activity is always done behind closed doors.

4. You need to be a member of the club before you visit the club. Some nudist resorts, parks and other properties that naturists go to require their visitors to be a member of their club and pay annual fees before using their facilities. However, there are other nudist beaches where memberships are not necessary and are not even required.

5. Do not show up at a nudist beach resort if you do not have a supermodel's body. Perhaps the biggest misconception that people have about nudist beach resorts is that they are populated by men with rock-hard muscles and by women with sleek, contoured bodies. That is not true. You will find all sorts of people among the naturists you will meet at a nudist resort. Some are thin, some are fat, some are young and some are old. They are as natural as they come.

6. Do not show up at a nudist beach resort if you have tan lines. On the contrary, even the most experienced nudists sport tan lines. Nudists also feel the need to don swimwear every once in a while, especially if the beach they are going to is not clothing optional. And even at nudist beaches, some nudists will not want to be naked all the time.

These are just some of the myths you need to dispel about nudist beaches. The best way to completely lose these myths is to visit one yourself.

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