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Nude Beaches

By Lynn Lopez

Now for something a little spicier. Okay, maybe not, but for a lot of people, nude beaches sound like something scary, unusual, or even forbidden. But in truth, thereís really nothing sexual about going to nude beaches. A lot of people who visit these have their own reasons. Most simply enjoy the feeling of being naked, while others troop to nude beaches to satisfy their curiosities. Still, others also drop in to appreciate the human form and some people prefer nude beaches to work on their tans and get a much more even color.

Whatever the reason, nude beaches are no doubt popular and interesting to many people. Here are just three of the famous nude beaches around the world.

Praia Do Pinho, Brazil

This is one of the only public nude beaches in the world wherein nudity is legal. Praia Do Pinho, or Pinho Beach, is located near the city of Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina. Beachgoers frequent this spot from December to February, so if you still feel uneasy about going bare in front of crowds of people, your best bet is to stop in during November or March.

Montalivet, France

This place offers plenty of activities and opportunities to have fun on the beach. Call this a real holiday getaway, because it has a lot of things you can do to entertain yourself. This also provides accommodations for guests and even caters to families.

Samurai Beach, Australia

Call this a nude beach that promises fun and activities for its guests. Every November, Samurai Beach plays host to the Nude Beach Carnival, where thousands of, yes, naked people take part in games like beach volleyball and relay races.

NOTE: If youíre visiting a nude beach for the first time, keep in mind that there are standards of behavior you must adhere to. Contrary to what some people think, nude beaches arenít a place for you to find someone to hook up with. Remember that people are there mostly to just relax and unwanted advances are out of the question. Neither should you stare at other people or take photographs without permission. Respect is the key thing you should remember above all.

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