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North Carolina Beaches

By Anna Lynn Sibal

If you want a quiet holiday at the beach with your family, probably some of the best places you can go to so that you can have that quiet holiday are the beaches of North Carolina. With 300 miles of coastline and barrier islands embracing the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches of North Carolina are steeped with history and opportunities for adventures with your loved ones.

North Carolina beaches are divided into five areas. The first and the biggest of these areas is the Outer Banks. Barrier islands line the 130 miles of sand making up the Outer Banks’ coastline. It is a favorite destination of tourists who love to go bird watching or fishing, and its hiking trails are loved by visitors who love the great outdoors. Outer Banks is known for its rich English colonial history, and is also the site where the Wright Brothers made their historic first flight.

The second area is Crystal Coast, also called the Southern Outer Banks. It is a haven for fishermen – most of its beaches, such as Pine Knoll Shores, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Salter Path and Indian Beach, are anglers’ haunts. Crystal Coast is also home to the Rachel Carson Reserve, a research center for marine life, as well as the North Carolina Maritime Museum, a great resource for pirate history and lore. Boating, kayaking and parasailing are also popular pastimes at the Crystal Coast.

If you want some peace and quiet during your beach holiday, Topsail is the perfect area for you to go to. The action at beaches in Topsail is not that heavy, which makes the area perfect for a meditative holiday. Topsail is also the place to go for people who are passionate about marine life. The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Resource and Rehabilitation Center is located there. Topsail is also known for its scenic boat rides. A great time to go there is during the second week of August, in time for the Sneade Ferry Shrimp Festival.

Family outings are the specialty of Cape Fear. The beaches here have touted themselves as family-oriented, great for weekend getaways with the kids. The most famous family destination at Cape Fear is Wrightsville Beach. The sand here is great for beach combing, while the water is perfect for surfing, parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, as well as boating. Fishing is also a favorite pastime at Cape Fear. At Kure Beach, you will find the oldest family-owned fishing pier in North Carolina.

Brunswick, the fifth area of the North Carolina beaches, is mostly golfing country. Stretching 45 miles, it has five islands, six beaches and 35 golf courses. Brunswick is also popular with nature lovers. The recreation trails of Oak Island and of Bald Head Island are a must-see for them. If the visitors love sailing, oysters and fishing, the place to go in Brunswick is Ocean Isle Beach, especially during the North Carolina Oyster Festival.

North Carolina’s beaches may not have a profile that is heart-bumping as, say, the beaches of Florida, but if you want a quiet beach holiday, North Carolina’s beaches are the best place to head off to.

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