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Myrtle Beach

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Myrtle Beach is a city off the coast of South Carolina. It is the primary hub of what is known as the Grand Strand, that stretch of beach that extends more than 60 miles along the southeast coast of the United States. Myrtle Beach is a major tourist attraction along the Sun Belt, and it draws approximately ten million visitors every year.

Because Myrtle Beach is a city by the sea, it is naturally to be expected that most of the attractions and activities enjoyed by tourists there all have something to do with the water. Swimming is just one of them, and Myrtle Beach is known for its warm blue waters.

Of course, beach activities are not limited to swimming alone. The surf is good in Myrtle Beach, so surfers can bring their boards and ride the waves here. Parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and sailing are other water activities you can indulge in when staying at Myrtle Beach.

If you are an avid angler, or even someone who is just learning how to fish, saltwater fishing is another pastime you will come to love at Myrtle Beach. That is because Myrtle Beach has open access to the Atlantic Ocean, not to mention numerous inland waters. Myrtle Beach has eight piers dedicated solely for the use of anglers, and there are a number of charter boats that fishermen can take advantage of if they want to go fish in the open water. If you fancy yourself to be a competitive fisherman, you can join champion anglers in Myrtle Beach’s annual Grand Strand Fishing Rodeo.

Should you fancy a day of just lazing about, you can do it both on land and on sea. The sandy shores of the Grand Strand along Myrtle Beach are dotted with beach chairs, and you can spend the day sleeping and getting beautifully tanned under the sun. You can also do this on the water if you want. There are many boats that an be hired for a leisurely cruise around the open water. You can also spend the day playing beach volleyball or collecting shells.

These are just some of the activities that visitors to Myrtle Beach can look forward to when vacationing there. Of course, the attractions of Myrtle Beach are certainly not limited to its beaches; the metropolis has its allures as well. Tennis aficionados will not have any lack of fun in Myrtle Beach, what with the 200 tennis courts of different surfaces that it boasts of. Golfers will be glad to know that most hotels in Myrtle Beach have golf vacationing packages that will allow them to play in one of the 100 world-class greens dotting the Grand Strand area. Speed racers can troop to the Myrtle Beach Speedway, a half-mile, tri-oval asphalt racing track that is sanctioned by NASCAR. And for those who think that shopping is also a sport, Myrtle Beach has plenty of shopping centers where anyone can shop until they drop.

Myrtle Beach is a great place to spend some vacation time in. It has something to offer everybody.

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