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Costa Rica Beaches

By Lynn Lopez

Costa Rica’s name literally translates to “Rich Coast”, and some of the things this small country is rich in are coastlines and beautiful beaches. It is described as the ideal jumping-off point for people who want to start exploring the Caribbean, and Costa Rica definitely does not disappoint. It is increasingly gaining popularity as a top spot for eco-tourism, and because great care is being taken to ensure that its natural beauty is well-preserved, you can count on seeing some of the most awe-inspiring panoramas.

The southern part of Costa Rica is especially well-loved by beachgoers because it provides an ample selection of beautiful and even secluded beaches. The interesting part is they all have their own special characteristics and you may find it difficult to decide which one gave you the best beach experience. Some beaches may be rocky or sandy, and even then, the latter comes in different colors, from white sand, black, gold, and even pink. Here are some locations you might want to check out.

    The fishing village of Tortuguero for example is well known for its turtle population. Tortuguero is derived from the Spanish word tortuga, or “turtle”. Its beaches are famous for being the nesting grounds of turtles like the Leatherbacks and the Green Sea turtles.

    The bohemian town of Montezuma is a little isolated thanks to the unreliable communications services, but it still wins the hearts of tourists. Playa Grande is the main destination for beach lovers.

    The city of Nosara has four popular beaches: Playa Nosara, Playa Guiones, Playa Ostional, and Playa Pelada. It is well-known as a surfing spot and thanks to wildlife refuges in the area, you won’t be seeing any heavy commercial and real estate developments near the beach.

    Golfito is known for sportfishing, but it is also a favorite spot for surfers, particularly its beaches, such as Zancudo, located to the south.

Clearly, Costa Rica provides plenty of opportunities for the urban dweller to unwind and take in all-new and exceptional views, and the beaches are sure to leave you breathless and inspired.

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