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Brazil Beaches

By Mary Ann Mendoza

Brazil beaches are simply extraordinary. Over 5000 miles of changing scenery with crashing waves for surfers and calm emerald coves for the leisurely traveler, the Brazilian coastline boasts literally thousands of beaches, from the internationally famous to the seductively secluded.

Adventure lovers will have their adrenaline soaring as they can indulge in diving, surfing and sailing.

The whole point of going to the beach in Brazil is to show off your body to the entire world. They have no sense of shame and instead enjoy and celebrate the tiniest bikinis and swimming trunks imaginable. Brazilian girl at the beach

Some of the best beaches include:

Copacabana - Copacabana is one of the top 10 most famous beaches around the world today. It has over 4 kms of pristine, spotless, wide white sand to relax on. There is plenty of local accommodation available at very affordable rates. Activities on Copacabana beach include volleyball, water sports and all night partying! Copacabana is also the home of futevolei: foot volleyball. Copacabana is the jewel in the crown of Brazil beaches.

Ipanema - Very close to Copacabana, Ipanema has a reputation of being a little more sedate than its neighbor. Although this is more famously known as the family beach among Brazil beaches, it is nevertheless the beach to go to if you want to see the girls parading the latest designs in tropical swimwear. Indeed Ipanema beach is the spiritual home of the tangas - the mini-bikini!

Jericoacoara - Although a bit out of the way and not the easiest beach to access, Jericoacoara is well worth the trip, as it affords the visitor a view of the most beautiful sunsets in Brazil. This particular beach is always very clean, and offers golden sand. Unless you arrive quite early in the day, expect the beach to be overcrowded by windsurfers and backpackers.

Elected by the Washington Post one of the Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Jeri, as it is friendly called by locals.

Costa Verde - Costa Verde translates to "Green Coast" and it is a serene beach, one of the most untouched by commercialism in Brazil. It offers golden sandy beaches and a glimpse of the rainforest fauna that has overgrown to encroach on the beach dunes.

Santos Beach - This is a quieter beach that can be enjoyed by families as well as nature lovers who come specifically for the beach garden. This unique beach garden spans an astounding four miles!

Pipa Beach - Located in Natal, Pipa Beach is where you can witness dolphins at play in the blue green waters of the Atlantic. Pipa Beach is also famous for its wild buggy rides over the sandy dunes. While this beach can tend to be a bit crowded, arriving early in the day will assure you get a good spot on the sand, and allow you to see the dolphins.

You can spend hours wandering on the world famous beaches or you can get a glimpse of the diverse Brazilian culture in the captivating carnivals.

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