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Beach Beauty

By Lynn Lopez

Heading out to the beach? You might think that all you're going to need is a bikini, a towel, your music player, and a plan to just lie back, relax, and tan, but you're going to need more than that to make your time in the sun and sand a lot better. Since you're going to be exposed to the sun, the heat, and saltwater, you'd better come prepared and protected. Pack these in your bags to be totally beach-ready.

Let's start off with the basics.

  • A good sunscreen, because obviously, you're not going to want to end the day looking fried and you definitely don't want to damage your skin.
  • A stylish cover-up or swimdress swimsuit for the times when you're not going to be in the water. You can also make do with a sarong.
  • A hat or a bandana to protect your hair. Dr. Angelo Cuzalina suggests wearing a hat to shield the sensitive skin on your face face from harmful rays.
  • Beachworthy footwear. You get the idea: flipflops. Steer clear of heels because even though they can make you look like a towering sun goddess, they're really not going to do well on the sand.

One thing some people want to know is if it's okay to wear makeup on the beach. There are lots of waterproof makeup available nowadays, but nevertheless, it's still not the best idea to put on makeup for the beach, especially since you're definitely going to sweat and get wet—caked-up makeup will not make anyone look gorgeous. Plus, it's always a better idea to let your skin breathe and go totally natural for times like this.

But if you’re not going to take a dip in the water and will just be hanging out, you can apply a liquid foundation with sunscreen on your face, making sure to spread it evenly. As another option, you can also go with pressed powder with SPF. Just make sure to put sunscreen around your neck and collar area. Putting on moisturizer (again, with SPF) also helps. You should also protect your lips from sunburn and dryness with a lip balm containing UV protection.

Your hair will also need to be shielded from the harsh sunlight. You can pile your hair in an updo so serve as a protective layer for your scalp, covering most of the top of your head. You can also use a deep conditioning treatment before going out or slick back your hair with oils like jojoba oil or olive oil. This won't avert any sun damage to your strands, but it will help block the rays. You can also try looking into sunblock sprays for your hair. Remember to spritz them onto your locks before going out in the sun and reapply them after emerging from the water.

These are just some things you should keep in mind before having fun in the sun. You probably wouldn't want to bother too much with being beautiful or piling on all the beauty products, but you'll be so happy you did at the end of the day when your skin and hair still look fabulous.

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